PLASCOMET CAB Trim Cap Profile offers many fields of application. Whether it’s in illuminated advertising or for the
furniture industry, in warning signs or advertising services, the profiles stand out thanks to their characteristics. A metal
sheet is embedded in the cellulose-acetobutyrat profile using a special process. PLASCOMET can thereby resist any type
of processing. They are shock-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and long-lasting, water-resistant and corrosionresistant, among other things. In contrast to PVC profiles of the same construction type, PLASCOMET CAB Trim Cap profiles consist of around 45% renewable cellulose raw material. Using CAB therefore contributes to conserving raw fossil resources. The CAB profiles remain climate-neutral with respect to their cellulose content, even when recycling during the end of the product cycle. In addition to PLASCOMET standard profiles, which are available in many different colours, we also check the implementation of your individual profile according to the inquiry illustration.

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